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Buff Butlers Suggestions : DIY Hen Dos vs Packages Hen Activities

Well talking about costs… You know money doesn’t matter, if you are having fun they say. But before the Hen Parties turned into and affair that cost from €150 to €400 per hen, things were pretty tame. Money makes the fun go round. Apparently so. Buff Butlers all over Ireland have observed in wonder the way Hen Dos have developed in the last few years. From a Girls’ night out to lavish long weekends abroad. As fun is the keyword that Hens have in their naughty mind, cost comes second. But wait it a second, does it really?

The Hen Party Scene has become a Industry. Packages include hotel accommodation, endless activities and obligatory add ons. The latter vary. From custom made T-shirts to male strippers performing for the bride-to-be. Our Buff Butlers have seen it all. A rented suite in the Kilford Arms hotel littered with bottles of bubbly. Or a pricey Falconry class. We can advise you on a few things that you could improve. Or just splash the cash and deal with the credit card bill later.

Hen Packages – Where is the catch

buff butler IrelandMost Hen organisers would offer hen party packages. Indeed if you have a big group of ladies, it is good to have a ready made plan of action. The packages usually mix accomodation, activities and bare necessities like a fancy dinner and the naughty interventions of surprise strippers and buff butlers. It seems that whatever you do, a hen party needs to have loads of laughs and giggles. Obviously a one stop shop approach is ideal if you want a hassle free weekend. Simply put it means that with a package there is less work to do. And who wants to work when you can just have fun? A package covers all your needs. Even the tiresome task of getting everybody together becomes easier. The ladies get their programme and comply.

But the pricing is a bit more than your usual weekend away. There are pamper packages, the cube, the themed nights. Just by having a quick look at the likes of the fancyhen.ie or henit or the giant of hen entertainment that is henparty.ie you will be spoilt for choice.  It is always a good idea to check your credit card balance before departure.

Actually the idea of a group of ladies moving from one activity to a restaurant then on to another activity, bar, nail salon etc sounds appealing . The thing is… Do you really have the time to do all that? And is everybody in your party prepared to trek 30 miles a day in heels?

Female Bonding hmm ….When though?

You should think of the time needed for bonding. At the end of the day the Hen party is an event that is dedicated to the bride and is meant to allow for some type of sharing and caring to occur. The bridesmaids are the ladies that will help during the wedding and support the bride. During a hen party all the girls need to exchange ideas and gossip and get an idea of what lies ahead of them. Sadly fun packed packages leave no impressions. By the time you are done with the preset to-do-list, you will be tired and looking forward to just go home  and put your feet up. And you will need to cure that two day tequila hangover.  Oh and plasters!

Buff Butlers come to the rescue – The DIY Hen Do

The Buff Butlers Ireland offer another option. It strikes a balance between the totally DIY Hen Do and the Themed nights. The idea is simple. On one hand you have fun, have a few refreshments and paint the town red if need be. But there is no strict schedule and you can let your hair down any time you feel like it. You make time for coffees, window shopping  and the essential chatting. On  this occasion you might have to do some research.

Accomodation for Independent Hens

Topless Waiters IrelandMaybe AirBnB is a better choice compared to a 4 star hotel. Ask around. If you are having a Hen Party in Kilkenny Buff Butlers can advise you of the fun neighbourhoods of this town. Then for Carrick on Shannon Buff Butlers will probably tell you to avoid the hotels and AirBnB and go for the apartments. At the end of the day the same owners run both the AirBnB and the apartment blocks in this Hen Party Central.

Girls Night In – Buff Butlers and Topless Waiters to entertain you 

Actually what works really well is the Friday in – Saturday out and about model. Let’s say you arrive on Friday. So why not throw a themed party in your accommodation. This gives the opportunity to all the ladies to get to know each other and have their drinks in a relaxed environment. If you want to turbo boost the fun factor, get a Buff Butlers. A Hen Do with a professional entertainers that is also your Topless Waiter, is as much fun as a ride in the Tayto Park.Hen party Topless waiter

You will also need to invest in a few bottles of tequila or vodka and some costumes left over from halloween could come handy. Body Shots? Naked Twister? Mr & Mrs Quiz? You got it. You might even persuade the Topless Waiters to perform a lap dance.

Party like a local – Avoid the Hen party factory

Before you get a dinner and bubbly package in one of the bars that cater for a battalion of hens, check out the local papers and guides. Ireland is full of local talents. Singers, local DJs that rock small clubs, or even a unique Irish  restaurant in the middle of the countryside. In other words find out where the locals eat drink and party. This way your hen do away will turn into an unforgettable exploration of another amazing spot in Ireland.

Music festivals outside Dublin tend to be cheaper and more relaxed with regard to BYOB. So ask Google or ask our friendly advisors of Buff Butlers Ireland.

Our Buff Butlers Ireland know the scene well and can recommend the up and coming hen party spots. Actually in places where the hen and stag hoards haven’t invaded yet, one can have double the fun without disturbing the penny pincher inside you.

Whatever your choice of party ..remember. This is meant to be fun. So spend less talk more and  always allow for a Touch of Class . Like a sexy Buff Butler in a no-xedo to serve your taylormade made cocktail.

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