Buff Butlers in Dublin – 9 Essential Hen Party Venues

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Buff Butlers in Dublin

recommend 9 unique Hen Party Venues

Dublin is a city that compels even the most quiet city traveller to party day and night. If you add to that a planned Hen Party, you will definitely need a pair of ballerinas at hand. While a wild hen party in Dublin can be at the back of one’s mind, there are also a lot of tamer options worth exploring. Our Buff Butlers in Dublin have hosted many hen parties in Dublin and the Leinster area. As a result here are the top most well kept secrets of the Dublin Hen Party scene.

But first… What are these Buff butlers all the ladies are talking about?

Buff Butlers in Ireland Dublin

Buff Butlers are amazing entertainers that will host Hen Parties and Birthday parties with the grace and charm of talk show host. An unmistakably key ingredient for all the Ladies Nights in Ireland, they come in top shapes and only the fit size. You can hire any of our Buff Butlers in Dublin  if your Hen Party or Birthday party is missing the MC, hunk, professional entertainer. Our sexy guys will take you for a tour of Dublin. With their well oiled muscles on board prepare to take Dublin by surprise.

Put your high heels on – Secret Dublin Hen Party Venues await you

When you think of a Hen Party you probably think of a stressed group of hens with an activities list on their hands. Why follow the beaten track and roam around Dublin like headless chicken? Dublin has much more to offer to the Hens that are ready to take a step back and relax. First every Hen Party needs that special space they can call a coop away from home. Here are 9 perfect Hen Party Venues in Dublin that will be even more interesting with one of our Buff Butlers Ireland as hosts and Masters of Ceremony.

Bad Bob’s Temple Bar 

Yes it loud and proud and busy as a beehive. This bar has a long tradition of being the home of Hens and Stags in Dublin. But look deeper, or rather higher and you will notice a few private spaces for hire. If you want to enjoy a stylish night and have a gentleman pour your bubbly, then the VIP area in this Temple Bar watering hole is a treat. Hire a Buff butler and Dublin will be a noisy presence in the background. At the same time you will be able to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the comfy seat and the VIP but casual feeling for which Bad Bob’s is famous for. A very, very good Bob. Indeed worth the extra bobs.

The Vintage Cocktail Club

The dark and orange glow of this classic cocktail bar will travel you to a stylish past. This space is ideal for Hen Parties in Ireland that will wear their feathered hats and reenact a 30s ladies night out theme. Strictly over 23s, this hidden gem is looking for a more mature crowd to enter their time machine. Our Buff Butlers in Dublin will strongly advise you not to show up in colorful sashes and carnival attires. Blow up willies are also not considered respectable chaperons.

The Denzille Private Cinema

Yes. You can hire an entire cinema in Dublin if your Hen Party is full of movie buffs. And a Buff Butler to take care of the popcorn the bubbly and the need for attention. It has only 30 seats, but that’s more than enough for the average Hen Parties in Ireland. They do special Hen and Stag Party Deals, so give them a shout and see if the list of movies, nibbles and refreshments satisfies your high standards.

Busker’s on the Ball

This bar is located towards the end of Temple Bar and it attracts a good mix of Dubliners and tourists. Your Hen Party can choose from Ping Pong to Foosball. They offer a massive space filled with games and the bar is well stocked with bevvies from all over the world. Ofcourse you can organise a small championship competition with our hunky Buff Butlers in Dublin as referees. Ideal for competitive hens that love a bit of healthy rivalry

Private Hen Party BBQ on Pearse St.

Have you ever thought of having your own BBQ in the heart of Dublin City. Well, the Trinity City Hotel has come up with a brilliant party idea. You can hold a stylish event in the Courtyard Garden, BBQ grill and comfy seating area included. Naturally our Buff Butlers in Dublin would just add to the glamour of your Hen Party Bash. Imagine the reaction of your honoured guests when they are greeted by our Buff Butlers Ireland crew.

The Penthouse Loft in the Dean Hotel

The Dean Hotel is a super party HQ. Obviously we have to mention Sophie’s with the amazing views of the city and the deadly beats during the weekend. But the Loft is the cream of the crop. A perfect space for holding an afternoon tea party for your Hen. Actually it can easily hold 20-30 hens and the obligatory Buff Butler. Spacious, private and after the tea party and the nibbles you can head straight to the best terrace party in Dublin

Odeon, The Bourbon Bar

Yet another posh space for hire. Luxurious, comfortable and with a tree , yes small tree in the middle. This bar is available for hire 7 days a week. It can hold up to 200 people, so it calls for an army of hens. The space is ideal not only for the angelic presence of our Buff Butlers in Dublin, but also for many other activities. Dancing classes, Cocktail classes, karaoke, the list goes on an on and on. As it is fully equipped with a DJ / PA system you can can have your own nightclub pumping your favourite tunes.

52 South William Bar – Wah Wah Club

Actually this almost Situated close to the Pyg and the Dakota this bar is home to the Wah Wah Club. Since the club is underground, this space for hire is more likely to attract a younger crowd of Hen Party heads. It has a Berlin club feeling to it and you could use the space in so many ways. Equipped with a bar and a couple of comfy couches for the tired feet, the sound system will blow your head right off. Our Buff Butlers in Dublin can be your fire starters on winged angels. Your choice.

Drury Buildings

If you are up to some fine dining combined with a New York styled decor, than you have found it. This is an ideal set up for any events that want to have privacy, haute cuisine and Buff Butlers in Dublin. Just relax and let the natural light shine through the minimalist architecture. Ideal for Hen Parties that love a unique dining experience.


Our Buff Butlers in Dublin can easily travel to any of the above venues. Obviously the attire depends on the rules of the house. But most of the time Buff Butlers Ireland are welcome in most venues as their professional performances suit all the tastes and occasions. Just make sure to let the venue know in advance. And if you want to surprise the bride, our Buff Butlers in Dublin can appear in normal waiter uniform and remove the top layer at any given moment 😉

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