Buff Butlers Carlingford Hen Parties Made Easy

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Buff Butlers Carlingford for your Fancy Hen Party

When you think of Buff Butlers Carlingford is the next image that pops into your mind. This Hen Party location is full of amazing activities for any ladies that want to party by the seaside. Not far from Dublin, the ladies from D4 to D24 are in for some pleasant surprises. The town of Carlingford is full of amazing venues to hold your hen party. Also perfect for a quick getaway for your Birthday Party. Even staff nights out can become special with an overnight stay in Carlingford. Whatever you do, don’t forget to visit the spectacular seaside. All the photos will capture the unforgettable scenery and the funny moments.

Buff Butlers make it ten times better

Imagine a Hen Party with a stylish reception in the comfort of your home away from home in Carlingford. Obviously  you need to choose your location so that it meets the requirements of your trip. A quaint cottage in the countryside with a big fireplace is perfect for indoors entertainment, but what about the big night out? With Buff Butlers Carlingford will reveal its fun part. All you have to do is organise your Hen Party reception and book a couple of Buff Butlers to entertain you.

They will bring games and help you with the quiz. Also they can spoon feed you or put together a cocktail demonstration. This way you will be well prepared for an impressive night cap when you arrive back to your cottage after painting the town red. Naturally they will provide a lot of useful information about where to go, what to do and what not to do. As they have years of partying experience for our Buff Butlers Carlingford is a natural playground. Remember to bring with you open minds and an appetite for adventures.

Hen Parties in Co. Louth

One thing that Carlingford has plenty of is dreams and romance. From the famous proposal stones, to the detailed vintage decor of the Hatch’s Castle, the whole of Carlingford echoes with images and words of love. It is one of the key locations of Ireland’s Ancient East, and the nature trail has a ton of water based activities to offer. Do not miss the Carlingford Adventure Centre¬†that covers all the adrenaline needs of your hen party in Carlingford. Paint-balling, zip-lining, kayaking or SUP will give you that extra bit of team bonding. There is no better way to meet your future wedding participants. First you make sure that they are battered during an afternoon activity, then you start a shot competition with them. In any case our Topless Waiters will make sure that your bride to be is totally embarrassed.

Topless Waiters vs Buff Butlers

While Buff Butlers and Topless Waiters tend to cover the same events, their services are a bit different. Actually Buff Butlers tend to be more like…. well Butlers ;). On the other hand Topless Waiters are primarily focused on service. As a result, you might want to crosscheck the type of the party that you have planned before choosing the service that suits you.

Buff Butlers Carlingford calls for

He is obviously a very handsome young man. But he is first and foremost an entertainer. So expect him to take a leading role in the party. Think of your Buff Butler more as an MC. He will bring the games and the craic in his backpack.

He can also offer a lap dance. If you are thinking that the Buff Butler is fine, but you would like to spice up the things for your bride to be…Well you are not wrong in thinking that a combo is on the cards. All our Buff Butlers Ireland performers are also professional dancers. Either as the guy that will turn your living room into a disco, or as the private lap dancer that will shed his outfit for your secret smiles and giggles, he is the right man for the task ahead.

Demonstrations. Here you have a choice of a naked chef or a naked barman. Obviously you decide the level of exposure. If you think that a man with a shaker an apron and nothing else is appropriate, then prepare yourself for vibrations and gravity to do their magic. On the other hand, a pair of pants have never worked against the muscle display. You can have a list of Cocktails Ready. There a lot of venues in Carlingford that will have licensed premises to facilitate a cock-tail class.

Topless Waiters Carlingford can afford

Your Topless Waiters in Carlingford are perfect if your Hen Party is looking for a handsome presence in the background. Of course Topless Waiters can entertain, but their main job is make sure that your nibbles are served with style and your bubbly glass is always full. Hen Party Photos will definitely become impressive once our performers make their appearance. Make sure to let your guys know who are the guests of honour and they will treat them like princesses.

For our Buff Butlers Carlingford is a place where magic happens. If you decide to book your next Hen Party in Carlingford, you will be able to create your own magical weekend away.

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