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Buff Butlers : a fresh way of eating chips

Buff butlers do not offer their services in take-aways. Can you imagine? You queue at you favourite chipper and behind the till there is  a sexy young man offering you a greasy post booze filler. Not quite the image we want to promote.

Well the junk in the trunk is there cos ladies do like to pamper their palate as well as other parts of their body. A hen party does include a religious pilgrimage to the chipper or a hipstery burrito place. If you think healthy and think hen party you might want to do one thing at a time. Separately.

Buff Butlers Ireland has come up with some novel and funny alternative Hen Party Activities that will keep the hens entertained and keep the cheeky smiles going. Since it is not just any ladies night out, but a hen party the naughty part is nicely sandwiched by pure fun and positive thinking.

Buff Butlers as Healthy Hen Party Hosts

You may have heard of Personal Trainers holding all ladies training sessions. Obviously there is the team building for the ladies that drives such events. At the same time 50% of the ladies that attend such healthy hen party activities have a 5 min crush on the instructor. You could also hire a classic Personal Trainer that will make you sweat and then spend the rest of the Hen Weekend in bed. But the reason why we offer the Healthy Hen Party activity is because Buff Butlers are personal trainers and cheeky performers. He will make sure that you do a decent amount of exercise but also enough naughty thinking and gossiping. Such an activity is perfect for sunny afternoons in the park

BBQ Chef … in the buff

A BBQ is a must for Hen party in the open air. As soon as you see the sun coming out, you will think of dusting that BBQ and getting the ladies together. Obviously, a garden party means that all the hens will be dolled up in the sun, showing off their summery attires. At the same time someone has to take care of the BBQ. Getting one of the girls’ partners to break their back while they party like 18th century aristocrats is not ideal. Usually one of the girls will take over the BBQ. But we have an even better idea. Hire Buff Butlers Ireland to flip your burgers while you touch his buns.

Hay Harmony ….and a sexy farmer that needs help

The Irish country side. After a few videos of Hen Parties on tractors went viral, all the upcoming Hens want to try the Animal Farm Hen experience. Nowadays we have hens clearing fields, wearing welling and taking pictures of baby goats and happy cows.

Whoever thought of the idea is a business genius. You get a load of people to work for free in your farm and they pay you for it. Naturally we are exaggerating,  but after spending some time with the animals the hens will get bored. We suggest that you hire a butler to show you the ropes. Our guys will even wear a cowboy hat to fit in. For this activity, they will keep their jeans on, but you will get to admire their six pack. Just make sure that the farm that you will be helping is aware of his presence. And also we want to make sure that our guys are not exploited. So loading a 10 ten ton truck with hay while you are watching is not a performance.

The Spring cleaning Hen Party

The only thing that is correct in the above statement is the Spring. Such Hen Party activities are really big house parties. Not much cleaning happens but the Bride to be gets to give to charity a lot of her single life items that won’t fit her suitcases. The performance we offer is a 1.5 hour hosting and some light hoovering and dusting. The no trunks apron is a must. You need to provide the hoover though. We can also bring a Karaoke machine to blast the Queens while he is hoovering. Just that image is worth a thousand bucks. Just joking. But yes, hoovering, dusting and going up a ladder is what our cheeky butler can do. And guess who is going to hold the ladder ;)

Poker Night : Poker face vs Poker Bum

Who said that women don’t gamble. Some hen parties will definitely pull out the monopoly to go with the gin and tonics. Since we are sailing  an era where equality is the name of the game, a poker game is in order. We can bring to your own space a scantily clad lad who is going to be the croupier with cheeky bum. We also bring the Texas hold em kit and the chips, but no real money can be put on the table. Instead you can avail of our naughty sweet supplies. Have you ever played for willy shaped sweets ;)

We are always working on bonkers yet memorable ideas for Hen Parties. What about you?

Which alternative Hen Party Ideas tickle your fancy?

And most importantly….

What is an Alternative Hen Party Activity?

For us, an Alternative Hen Party Activity is a special event where the hens use their imagination more than their pint lifting ability. It is celebration of women’s ingenuity and a way to spend a couple of hours doing something you have never done before. Such a hen party activity will definitely need the guidance and inspiration of our sexy yet professional Buff Butlers. Make sure to discuss with the members of your group all the details of such an event. The aim is to please the Bride to Be and keep the whole group entertained. If you are the Hen party organiser, you will surely want to make this hen party unique and better than all the other hen parties you have been to.

Buff Butlers Ireland are available for hire all over Ireland.  Give us a call? Our advice is for free and our guys offer their services in prices that match their kindness.

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