Buff Butlers in Ireland: How to recognise success in 10 easy steps

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Buff Butlers in Ireland – We love to amuse you

A bit on the History of Butlers 

Buff Butlers are essentially Butlers… but in the Buff. A classic feature in the Hen Parties and Ladies nights in Ireland and abroad, their tradition is an ancient one. The skills that a butler needed were taught from prominent schools in the UK and the US. The profession of the fully clothed Butlers developed throughout the centuries as aristocratic families needed high end professionals that would run their households for them. In effect butlers were devoted to the family for life. Such families owned land. Like not just only football pitch sized walled gardens. They owned whole villages, counties and lived in palaces that would make Disney world look like a simple hut in the woods. The French revolution paved the path for the wholesale deconstruction of that system. Some such palaces survived as museums, others were given to the angry and hungry mobs of the less fortunate. It’s amazing what hungry people with torches can do in very little time.

But let’s go back to the subject of Butlers. A butler (just like a dog nowadays) was for life. The landed gentry of our ex imperial masters got a butler when as a young man was in his twenties. He would ideally just have come out of Butler training. An older ailing butler would probably be already in the household. He would take the young butler under his wing and show him the ropes. When the old butler would retire to some small room in faraway section of the manor, the younger version would take over and be the heart and soul of the mansion house.  The butler was traditionally the most trusted member in the large group of household servants, cooks maids and gardeners. He would be the one to keep an eye on the finances of the household, make sure that everything was sparkling clean and oversee the protocol during events. In return he would be paid better than anybody else and in some cases he could even be included in the will of the family.

From Butlers to Buff Butlers Hen Party entertainment

Unlike their predecessors, the Butlers in the Buff are freelancers with an independent lifestyle and their services fall more in the category of  live entertainment that lasts a couple of hours, as opposed to lifetime of servitude.  Buff Butlers are good looking men that entertain groups of ladies (or gents, we are all inclusive) during corporate events, ladies nights and hen parties. Their role as hosts and MCs makes them a prominent feature of any gathering that intends to be fun and cheeky. You can also find them as Cheeky Butlers, Bum Butlers and Topless waiters. At the same time there are certain aspects of the butler service that have survived the social revolution.  Just like their predecessors, Buff butlers are courteous, respectful and make sure that the crowd has their full attention during the entertainment session.

Buff butlers need to show muscles

Indeed, while Butlers in the past were always in their pristine uniform, you can find buff butlers in different forms of undress.  But while their dickybow is perfectly positioned and their shoes perfectly shined, their muscles should also be oiled. A tanned complexion is always a favourite with the ladies. Body imperfections need to be kept under control. There is no place for acme in the Buff Butler world. :)

The apron needs to be perfect

If a buff butler is going for a minimalistic look, then the short apron needs to make a fashion statement. A leather apron with the company logo is a smart casual choice.  While the bum can be on display the trick is to cover half of each cheek. There is no fun in an apron that is not lifting friendly. A long black apron can also be handy especially if food and drink service is part of the routine. In other words you can judge a Butler from the apron.

Buff Butlers need to be flexible

Since each Hen Party is different, Buff Butlers need to change their shows according to the audience. A session of body shots can be a winner with a younger crowd, while a Mr  & Mrs quiz can get a more conservative crowd going. Whatever the occasion, Buff Butlers need to have a lot of options ready. So if you call a Buff Butler service in Ireland and you get an offer of only 2 games and one photo shoot, then you are dealing with amateurs.

Body Language improvisations

When you deal with people that need first and foremost to party, one needs to reflect the mood. It is extremely important to be able to send good vibrations. While smiles and jokes are the norm, they need to flow naturally.  As a buff butler, one needs to blend in the mood. There are no schools to teach you how to be naturally present. One needs to want to be part of the party. While a perfect body can draw the attention, you need natural charm to maintain it.

Bar Training

It is highly advisable that Topless Waiters attend some type of Barman training. While knowing by heart all the cocktails of the American Bar tradition is not necessary, getting the basics right is important.  Also one can provide a high quality service if they are able to make perfect cocktails. Being able to have a few flying shaker tricks under the sleeve also helps. Shaking makes body parts move. As a result the butlers in the buff can create a naughty atmosphere while remaining innocent looking.

Customer Care Skills

Being able to be a great listener is a great skill. When you deal with big groups of women, the butlers need to be able to figure out straight away the golden medium. That is possible only by being attentive and empathetic.  A bride to be in distress might need some comforting, or a young hen is being left out. Cheeky butlers are first kind and understanding, then cheeky. Hen Parties in Ireland can always count on their gentle touch.

The Company or Agency reputation

Companies that organise Hen Parties usually work with a variety of entertainment providers. When it comes to Buff Butlers, the agency that is organising Buff Butler services is really important.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find high-quality butlers in the buff from other sources. But as the hen party is a ‘once in a lifetime’ event, it is best to trust companies that have good reviews from the public.

Mobility and equipment

Buff butlers in Ireland need to be able to travel to wherever the party is. Also, they need to bring the equipment needed for the performance. In order for a show to happen, they need to have a professional sound system and also all the games and paraphernalia to bring the place to a party-ready level. Most Topless Waiter companies will also offer bar equipment for cocktail classes and work together with catering companies if finger food is on the menu.

A good network of support

From customer service and booking agents to venue organisers, a buff butler service is a complex affair. Professional performers need to tie in with agencies, venues and party organisers. The show needs the network behind the scenes for its success. Someone with experience in the field needs to answer the phone while the butt waiters use their charm and different body parts to entertain the crowd. The show might fall into the naughty business, but the business part remains intact.

Full Monty in the closet

Many Buff butlers need to consider the option of dancing for the ladies. This way they can offer a spicy level that some hen parties might avail. Not the norm, but quite often, a buff butler can also offer a tip-top stripogram with a Full Monty show to finish off the performance nicely.

You can also hire our guys as an addition to a life drawing hen party.

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