Buff Butler Drinking Fun
Buff Butler Activities for Naughty Hens

Drinking Party Games

Any of our Buff Butlers Ireland can tell you that the more you drink the funnier the drinking party games. We have plenty in store and we can guarantee you that you will be laughing till your ribs ache.

Spin the Bottle or Vodka Roulette? Bodyshots with your Buff Butlers are also a must. How about a tequila competition. Obviously you can spice it up with the lemon placed mischievously on the body of the Buff Butlers Ireland. Drink sensibly and laugh a lot.

Never have I ever ….. this is a pretty simple game. All the Hens have to say I have never and name the thing that they have never done. One thing is for sure. Some of you will be shocked and some will do a dangerous amounts of shots.

Drink or Dare Drinking Party Games

Simple.  Your Buff Butler has a list of difficult or very difficult dares. Do the dare, or do the shot. For a full list of our very dangerous dare check our dares page.

Speedy “Draw the Buff Butler Activity”

You need obviously a Buff Butler as your Model and Hunk in residence. Also crayons and sheets of paper. Each of you will have 15 min to draw the Buff Butler. And yes he can be in various states of undress. On the other hand you can just draw his perfect smile. You can actually turn it into a competition and let your butler decide.

Penis Play Dough Competition

For this naughty creative Hen party activity you will need a good bit of play dough. If you have kids this will be easy to access. Or you can borrow it from friends and family that have kids. But make sure to destroy your creations before you return it to your kids. The aim here is to make as many funny penises as possible. If you need a live model…..well, our Buff Butler service is not shy of fine specimens.  Our Buff Butler can then rate the artifacts and you can even take pictures and add them to the wedding album. We dare you to do it!

Cheeky  Cocktails Competition – Best Drinking Party Game

This Drinking game also needs some preparation. So you will need a well stocked bar. Our Buff Butler will bring in the shaker and the recipes. We have a long list of cocktails with ahem… interesting names to choose from ( read more in our Cheeky Cocktail names page)

Sexy Photo Shoot

This Hen party game involves our Buff Butlers taking photos of the ladies in hilarious poses. Simple but it can be great fun if combined with our Dares and Games.

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