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Hen Party Games: The Buff Butlers Ireland in full flow

Hen Party games are what Buff Butlers Ireland are famous for. Hot Stuff Entertainment employs professional entertainers. That’s what they do; all day every day.
In our long list of Hen Party Activities we combine Hen Party Classics and our own trademark games made in Ireland from the Buff Butlers Ireland. Here are a few of our top Hen Party Games.  Obviously we are able to tailor them to the occasion.

Cucumber Race

This game involves the Party Girls passing a cucumber between their thighs. Split the Hens in two teams. The fastest team gets to do body shots with the Buff Butler. The losing team sets up the shots. Get you butler be the organiser. You will need strong thighs and two cucumbers, preferably big and sturdy.

Condom race

The Buff Butler hold between his thighs a banana. The ladies take turns to put a condom on the banana. The Butler in the Buff keeps track of the times. The fastest team wins and take photos with the Butler. You can get extra points ( i.e. 20 sec reduction from your actual score) for rolling the condom on with your lips.

Sex Positions Guessing Game

Here you need pen and paper. You write down the names of the sex positions. Then enact them with your Buff Butler and the rest of the girls have to guess them. If they fail they have to enact them with the bride or another girl. Not for the shy kind.

Balloon Humping  Game

Here the Buff Butler is the judge. Supply him with A4 papers with scores 1 to 10. Again you need paper, pens, hat and imagination. Oh and balloons.  Split in two teams. Then enact the sex positions in pairs with the balloon stuck between you. The aim here is bursting the balloons as fast as possible. Give a time limit for each couple. Nothing like a group of hens screaming faster, faster while you are at it. Add a fake orgasm at the end for added bonus point.

Buff Butler Twister

This is a favourite game for our Buff Butlers Ireland as it allows them to show off their marble bodies. It’s like a classic twister with the difference that all the Hens play against the Topless Waiter. Let the bride-to-be go first. You will need a twister set, or we can bring our own.

Toilet Roll Fashion Design

Actually this will need at least a week’s supply of toilet roll. Split in two teams and use the Topless Waiter or Buff Butler and the Bride to be as a model. How about creating the perfect wedding dress while having a sip on a fancy cocktail. As soon as you are finished take pictures of both of your models side by side. Another variation of this game would be to work in pairs. As a result one of you will be the designer and the other the model. Your Buff Butler can be the judge. One of the most creative Hen party games.

Stick it on the Buff Butlers

For this super funny of the long list of Hen Party Games you need a heap of plasters. You will also need a blindfold and courage. You will place a plaster on the body of the Buff Butlers. Then blindfolded you will need to find it and remove it. Actually for a better funny effect you can make the bride to remove it with her mouth.

I love my Piggie

This is staple food when it comes to Hen Party Games. You will need a pig toy or a cardboard cutout as the Piggie.

Have the Hens form a circle. Have one of your Buff Butlers stand to the right of the Bride to be or the Lady of honour. Then the first person says : “This is my pig, I love my pig, I kiss my pig on it’s xxxxxxxx” (replacing xxxxxxx with a body part). Afterwards you kiss the pig on that part and pass it on. You have to always use a different body part and say the phrase correctly. The persons that fails to do so takes a shot or does a dare that the Buff Butlers decide.

But there is a twist! In round two of the game you don’t use the cardboard piggy we use the person to our right as our piggy and we kiss our piggys in the same place we said the first time round! Bride-To-Be, Buff Butler, Piggie… you get the drift. 😉

Rude Name Indian Game

This game is based on American Indian names… with a spicy twist. So forget Sitting Bull and And Crazy Horse. How about Juicy Fanny, Threesome Lilly, Bottoms Up Minx, Fluffy Passage, Peachy Bum? You can decide on the names in advance. Then stick the names on your clothing and  use those names for the rest of the night. Every time someone get the name wrong or uses a real name they get some type of punishment. Actually, you can get your Buff Butlers to deliver the punishment. Gentle spanking, shot or dare?

Mr and Mrs Quiz

This game also needs prior preparation. Of course this game needs some help from the groom, but not only. The aim of the quiz is to find out how well does the bride knows the groom.  So ask the Groom the question then give the answers to one of your Buff Butlers that will host the event. If she gets a question wrong the Buff Butler will name a dare as punishment. Here is a sample of the questionnaire for the Groom:

1) Name one thing he would take with him on desert island, apart from the bride ?

2) What is his favourite part of your body?

3) What did he say was the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

4) What’s the most unusual place you have had sex?

5) Which Celebrity does he have a crush on?

6) Which Celebrity does he think you have a crush on?

7) What is his favourite food?

8) Where is his ideal holiday destination?

9) On his stag night would you rather he went to a strip club or got arrested?

10) What did he say your bra size is?

11) What did he say is your most annoying habit?

12) What do you find most annoying about him?

13) Handjobs or Blowjobs; what’s his favorite ?

14) What’s her favourite film?

15) What is she most afraid of?

16) What animal would she be and why?

17) What is his favourite sexual position?

18) What did he say your favourite sexual position was?

19) Who did he say  “wears the trousers” in your relationship?

20) What is the most romantic thing that you have ever done for her?

How about a video message from our Buff Butlers

There is always one of the Hens that couldn’t make it…..or got cold feet because she heard the Buff Butlers Ireland would be invited. Then you send her a sexy video stream with our Buff Butlers wishing her the best. Or half way through your Hen Party Games. You can upload the video on Instagram and I bet that the Buff Butlers Ireland will love it.

Give us a shout will ya 😉

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