Buff Butler: Themed Hen nights in Ireland
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Themed Entertainment for Hen Parties and Ladies Nights Out

We at Buff Butler Ireland make sure that you have fun like kids in an adventure park. Themed Hen Parties are really trendy and can transport you back to your childhood years. So dress up and get into the mood of the movie or book on which the theme is about. Here are a few ideas to share with your party heads.

Cops and Robbers Hen Night

It’s a classic. Your Buff Butler recommends it as the costumes are easy to come by. We can also send your Buff Butler in a revealing Policeman Uniform. And you can add a twist to the scenario.  The Buff Butler can perform a lap dance to the Bride-to-Be …after he arrests her of course.

Father Ted Buff Butler

The Father Ted Hen Party nights are a pleasure to attend. Nothing gets the Party going like a Buff Butler in a priests attire. And the habit is pretty revealing. Make your Butler wear the Father Ted attire if you have no hang ups about religion and have enjoyed watching the show more than a million times. In that case, this is the Buff Butler event and uniform you definitely will enjoy.

Cowboys and Indians

Again a favourite game for children or adults that can let go and run around like rabbits on speed. And with the bubbly free flowing, the indian war cries will wake up the neighbourhood. Our butler will be a sheriff . Pocahontas anyone?

Dirty Dancing Hen Parties

This will wake up the dancer in you. And we will provide our own Patrick Swayze. Our Buff Butler that will lift in the air like a feather and then make you a wee beverage to calm you down. The costumes are easy to get by ….and stylish. If you feel like turning up the heat a bit, why not try a fifties style burlesque dress.

Grease Musical Hen Parties

This is one of the most popular themes for Hen Parties in Ireland. Nothing beats a Danny Zuko with a ton of gel and a cheeky smile. Our own Topless Waiters can make sure that you get your fair share of dancing. On the other hand they will also make sure that the service is perfect and the craic is mighty.

Gladiator Night Hen Parties

Here you could easily make yourselves comfortable with bed sheets and pretend to be roman royalty. Our Buff Butler can come dressed as Roman Soldiers and attend to all your needs. You can make this evening special by adding a fake sword fight.

We also offer  Male Strippers Services through Hot Stuff Entertainment so don’t be shy. Ask for Buff Butler and Male strippers combo packages.

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